On Anime Heroines and Japan

japanWhen I was a little girl, like most kids, I loved cartoons. Growing up in the 90s, we were treated to some of the best animated films and shows that have ever been produced. I remember watching all sorts of television shows after school – Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, Batman, Justice League to name a few. But when I was barely in middle school, I came across a show that came to influence me in many ways.

Sailor Moon.

It might seem silly to some that a dubbed Japanese anime might have an impact on someone’s life. But back then, Sailor Moon was unique. The main character was anything but heroic – not good at school, not athletic, not extraordinary. And yet, she saved lives. She fought and won against the bad guys.  She wasn’t like anything I had seen before. Most of the shows at that time…well…they mostly showed boys being the heroes. To someone who had always felt very ordinary, an awkward 12 year old, it showed me that even an normal girl could kick butt.  For that, she has always had a special place in my heart. But Sailor Moon also introduced something else to me. And that was Japan. It was a place that never in a million years I thought I would be able to see. The culture is something that is endlessly fascinating and beautiful to me. And to know that this time tomorrow, I will be on a plane to Tokyo. Well. Excitement is an understatement.


For the next 21 days, I will be making my way throughout the land of the rising sun. So stay tuned! Sayonara!

Pictures courtesy of Pixabay

2 thoughts on “On Anime Heroines and Japan

  1. So excited for you!! I recently saw a Nat Geo story about the bullet train. Will you be riding it? Sure hope so…and please send your thoughts about the experience if you do!!
    Great writing, as usual. I loved your childhood connection to the heroine and her adventures of helping others!!


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